Signs This Mom Is Serious About Healthy Food

My kitchen has changed. Two weeks into our life-style change, I wanted to give you some visuals of how how it looks and functions now. Maybe this will inspire some other moms out there who may be holding out on making a healthy food-shift for their families due to the same reason excuse I did for so many years- convenience.

This is where my toaster once was. We used it daily to toast pop tarts or waffles for the kids to eat for a quick breakfast. This weekend I had Jeff move it out. I needed the counter space. It made a great spot for my crock pot. This is a picture of a YUMMY roast I fixed for Sunday dinner, minus the potatoes. Just pot roast, onions, celery, carrots, and peppers.

Notice all of the knives are missing? Because I use them so much they all were dirty when I snapped this shot. Also, I keep all of my measuring spoons on my counter now because I actually need them. In the back is a bottle of extra virgin olive oil for quick veggie dishes on the stove and my salt shaker is now filled with sea salt.

I use to keep all of my bread in this corner. Some days it would be stacked to the top of the cabinet. Now we buy organic fruit in bulk at Costco. Our 14 year old son is blowing through bananas like a monkey. But it is nice to have fresh fruit available for the kids to snack on instead of chips, cookies, or our daughter’s former snack of choice, hunks of bread.

This was the mother of all changes for our household. This is where we kept our commercial sized deep fryer. I think this was the  hardest item to part with because it had such an emotional tie with our family. So many great Saturdays were spent watching football and frying up cheese sticks, jalapeño poppers and hot wings for our house full of guests. But now, since I have purchased a heavy duty blender and a small food processor, it has become our cutting/smoothie station. So if you come by the Abel household for football or basketball in the future, chances are I’m going to make you some homemade guac, veggies and a killer smoothie.

If you are holding out from making healthy food choices for your family today what excuses are you making?  This is a safe place to talk about them.There will be no judgement from us, I promise.


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  1. Cheryl Smith says:

    You guys rock! Love the visuals and the inspiration.

  2. Kayla says:

    Love this! Way to go Julie! My kids are eating fruit like crazy too! We’re going through bags of clementines like no body’s business.

  3. Matthew says:

    I love this post and it made me reflect on how our kitchen has changed these past two years. I don’t think I know where my waffle iron is and it’s been over a year since I used the deep fryer (because only unhealthy oils are cheap enough to deep fry!). Congratulations on making such an enormous change for the better!

    • julieabel says:

      Thanks Matthew! We are for sure on a crazy ride. Encouragement from sites like yours have been fantastic to learn all we can on this way of eating. Blessings.

  4. JJ says:

    Know that you can still make awesome game day party food without that deep fat fryer! My favorite is to do a BIG crockpot full of paleo friendly chili, and then do a bunch of small bowls of toppings: pumpkin seeds, pickled jalapenos, chopped red onions, avocado chunks, chopped red bell peppers, roasted kale chips, crumbled bacon… whatever you can think of that might go well. And you can do hot wings in the oven, I think there are a few paleo friendly recipes out there.

    Once your whole30 is over (or if you can find whole30 friendly bacon), I’ll humbly suggest my new favorite jalapeno popper recipe:

  5. Sue says:

    WOW!! This is inspiring! But I actually laughed out loud when you said your 14-year-old son was blowing through bananas like a monkey! My son is 24 now but it seems like yesterday he lived at home and was blowing through bananas….and cereal…and bread…and peanut butter….and jelly..Lol!

  6. Renee says:

    I just tucked my slow cooker back in its corner after making a pork butt last Sunday for carnitas for breakfasts. And every night I’m putting my food processor back in the cupboard, not to mention the measuring spoons and cups back in their drawer, only to be hauled out constantly. It hadn’t occurred to me to find a new, more convenient location for these items. Thanks to your post, I will! And now for my hot tip for the night – make sure if you cook spaghetti squash in the microwave, you pierce it REALLY good, not just a few stabs with a fork. Exploding spaghetti squash is. not. pretty. However, it’s quite tasty as a base for spicy Italian sausage, sauteed onions, marinara sauce, and a bag of baby spinach – all organic and free of sugar or additives, of course!

  7. CeciMami says:

    I’m doing my second Whole30 right now and just wanted to let you know that you guys are kicking some serious butt! My family made the switch to Paleo last April and the positive changes in our health (and our waistline) have been incredible! Keep up the good work, not only are you doing wonderful things for your health, you are setting your children up for a lifetime of healthy living! :)

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