What Does A Kid’s Whole 30 Lunch Look Like?

Today I wanted to share with you how the kids’ lunch has changed while we have been on the Whole 30 program. While it was rough to initially make the switch, the kids are finally starting to catch on to the idea that when they eat healthy food, they think more clearly and have more energy throughout the day.

This is a picture of what I would typically pack in their lunches pre -Whole 30. Crackers, bagels, soup or ravioli. I actually thought I was doing a good job when I would give them hot food in their thermos on cold days : ).

Here’s what a kid’s Whole 30 lunch looks like for us. Now we fill them up with nuts, eggs, meat, fresh fruit and veggies. A hot lunch I’ve packed ┬áis leftover chili – of couse it was Whole 30 friendly. Sustaining, healthy food for growing kids.

What is in your lunch today that you would have a hard time getting rid of?

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  1. Robin S. says:

    Julie –

    This is a great contrast shot! People ask me *all the time* “But what do your kids eat??” as though Goldfish crackers is an essential food group for children. Thanks for showing everyone how practically applicable this lifestyle is, even to our kiddos.

  2. I’m impressed that your kids are on this journey as well! I’m going it alone at my house (for now).

    • julieabel says:

      Angie- this has been so much better that our whole family has been doing it no doubt. I don’t think we could have made it without encouraging each other!


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