Whole 30 Week 2 Update and Food Pics

We are 2 weeks into the Whole 30 plan and I’m having a hard time believing we are halfway there. For the most part have done well. Each of the kids have had something at school from a friend that they shouldn’t have because they just forgot, but that has only happend once.  I’ve had a few pretty bad days and reached a point a couple days ago where I was ready to give it up. Your body and mind do some weird things when you take away what it is used to. We’ve all had moments when we’ve questions if this is worth it. But we all know we are starting to feel better, and I can feel my body shifting and know I’ve lost some weight and inches.

Two weeks in I thought it would be fun to give you a glimpse of the types of food we used to eat and what we are having now. I pulled some photos from my iPhone that we had posted to Facebook from the couple months prior to starting the Whole 30 (blog) and some from the past couple of weeks. It won’t be hard to tell where the change happened.  The great thing is we are still able to have some favorites on the plan, and we’ve learned to adapt a few recipes for special treats like our tortilla-less, cheese-less, breakfast burrito.

If you are doing or have done the Whole 30, what is your favorite meal?

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  1. My meals tend to be protein + sweet potatoes + green vegetables. Last week, I was all about Thai chicken soup as well. This week, I have a bunch of Cuban-style pork leftover from a party. All delicious!

    • Julie Abel says:

      Angie- I am going to try a chicken soup this week I think. Especially with it snowing here. I also discovered if I put just a tad bit of bacon grease in my green beans with onions salt and pepper, they have become a staple side for use. The kids love them.

  2. Dare says:

    My favorite recipe has been Farmer’s Pie from Paleo Comfort Foods ( – minus Worcestershire because I couldn’t find a compliant one. Awesome, and it lasts for a long time!

    I also like making a giant meat sauce (ground beef, diced tomatoes and a ton of veggies – mushrooms, peppers, zucchini, anything else I need to clear out) and then eating that on top of zucchini “noodles” (zucchini grated up on the mandolin).

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