28 Days Into The Whole 30 – Preparing For Day 31 And The Super Bowl



Four Weeks!  That puts us on Day 28 of our Whole 30 program today.  I honestly can’t believe it has been four weeks and that we finish the Whole 30 in two days. Is sure has been a crazy journey this far and until you stop and think about it (or talk with some friends) you don’t really realize how much changes.  Yeah, I’m excited to take some new measurements on Monday evening at Ed’s Gym and to get on the scales Tuesday morning to see how much weight and how many inches I’ve lost. (I’m not quite as excited to post the before and after pics – mostly because of the before ones). But that isn’t the only change I’m talking about.

Earlier this week I met with some of my former co-workers and they were laughing about how my diet has changed. They reminded me of how I would give people trying to eat healthy a hard time and found it really funny that I, Mr. Fast Food and King of anything deep-fried, can’t eat 98% of the items in Whole Foods. But what really got my attention was as I was talking, I was describing food in totally different ways. My focus wasn’t on who had the best burger in town, rather I was recommending new vegetables and my favorite type of apple. Before I never really paid much attention to what I was eating and how it made me feel. Now I’m talking about how I feel if I eat fruit too early in the morning. A couple times I got a look that clearly indicated they were thinking “Who are you, and what have you done to Jeff?”

As we’re preparing to come off the Whole 30 and begin to introduce items back into our diet, we’re going to be very selective about what they are and what ingredients are in them. Sure, we’ll have an occasional treat (there are a few things I’m really looking forward to – but I have a feeling I won’t enjoy them as much as I’m hoping). But, we are planning to stick with a diet very similar to what we have been doing for the past four weeks. Why? Well, we all feel better. We have more energy, allergy symptoms are going away, and we will most likely be coming off some of the medications we have been on. And we are really liking some of the new foods we have discovered, and we are still trying a few new things this weekend. Sure some of the items we have been eating pretty regularly I probably won’t have for a while (olive oil and balsamic vinegar salad dressing will be banned from our kitchen for an undetermined amount of time). But overall, we’ve found some great recipes and have rediscovered fresh fruit and veggies.

So as we wind down this first month of Jeff’s Crazy Idea, and as we prepare for the big game on Sunday we’ll be enjoying some healthy snacks — veggies, guacamole and bacon, salsa with no chips, and a great Mexi-taco salad as we watch the SuperBowl. Thanks to all of you for joining us on this journey and for your support and ideas in the comments.

What are you planning to have for your Whole 30 approved SuperBowl snacks?



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  1. It’s after the fact, but there will be other snacking events in the future, right? We had a big gathering with some people who have been doing Whole30 and several who aren’t. The table was filled with 3 kinds of chips, onion dip, peanuts, cauliflower covered in cheese sauce (she thought she was making something we Whole30ers could eat). And we also had homemade baba ghanoush with a huge veggie tray, guacamole, prosciutto wrapped baked sweet potato fries, scotch eggs, green sliders, chili, flank steak with chimichurri sauce, and homemade beef jerky – all made with Whole30 approved ingredients. I can honestly say, I didn’t long for one second for the list of items that aren’t Whole30 approved – EXCEPT the red wine that I’ll be waiting until Wednesday to consume, and a slice of my homemade chocolate caramel cake with 85% Valrona chocolate shavings I made for my daughter’s 16th birthday. I heard it was good. I didn’t even lick my fingers once.

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