Running with Gadgets (I left the Scissors in the drawer)

If you know me at all, you know I love my tech gadgets. And as I started to run a couple weeks ago I started looking around for things that would make my runs a little more enjoyable and also help me keep track of distance and times. I didn’t have to look far to find some great tech solutions. Here are a few of my finds so you too can start running with gadgets.

Nike+ GPS

I have an iPhone 4s and my first tech option was to look for some apps that I could just download and that would be easy to use. I found the Nike+ GPS app on iTunes and after a quick review and some Twitter confirmations, I decided it was just what I needed. After creating a profile, it allows me to track my miles, time splits and will keep track of where I run with the GPS mapping option. It syncs with the Nike+ website and even allows me to create goals, set up a training program for anything from a beginning runner (me) to training for a marathon (I’ll get there eventually). I can even connect and compete against my friends.  The app works great and even integrates with iTunes to allow me to listen to a playlist when I run and create power songs to help motivate me when the running gets tough. One of the best features – it works on a treadmill. The GPS function doesn’t do much, but the app does a pretty good job at calculating how far you’ve run, even inside. And if the numbers are a little off (which I’ve found them to be by  a few tenths of a mile), it let’s you calibrate by entering the information manually from the treadmill readings. The interface is pretty easy to use and the information easy to retrieve.











Incase Armband

After installing the app, I decided to take it for a test run. I quickly found out that I needed to find a better solution than running holding the phone in my hand. I looked around at a couple local stores, searched through several possible solutions on Amazon and then paid a visit to our local Apple store. I decided I wanted to see the armband and try it on before I bought it. I settled on the Incase Sports Armband Deluxe. It has a comfortable band, a removable case with a sliding clip that locks it into the band. It works wonderfully and is relatively comfortable to run with. I love the it is easy to remove the phone and case with a simple slide out of the armband.


Sennheiser PMX680i Headphones

With a couple runs under my belt I realized that while the Apple earbuds are iconic, they aren’t a great option when you run. Mine kept falling out every few hundred yards. I started looking around and turned to social media to get some feedback from friends. I got quite a few suggestions, and after reading some reviews I settled on the Sennheiser PMX680i model. I ordered them from Amazon, and thanks to my Prime membership they arrived the next day without putting a huge dent in my wallet. I hit the trail with them that afternoon and they have been perfect for what I needed. I’ve been really happy with the sound quality (definitely better than my Apple earbuds) and the best part is they stay in when I’m running. I like them so much, they are now my default headphones.


For now those are my essentials when it comes to running with gadgets. If you are a runner, do you run with tech or enjoy the sounds of nature or passing cars and honking horns? If you use tech, what are your essentials?



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