Where Did My Allergies Go?

We are right in the middle of spring allergy season and after three months of eating a pretty exclusive paleo diet and one thing is missing for me…

The sneezing.

I have been plagued with terrible seasonal and environmental allergies—My.Whole.Life. My childhood was filled with allergy shots, skin prick tests, doctor visits and Kleenex.

I started to notice a major change one week into the Whole 30.

I could breathe.

Eliminating dairy, gluten and highly processed foods from my diet has also eliminated my allergies. What took Jeff so long to get crazy? Who knew that his crazy idea would make me feel so much better as well?

I am still cautiously optimistic heading into grass season—my biggest allergen. We will see. But I told you I would keep you posted.

I know so many folks that battle with the sniffing, sneezing, and dripping of allergies. Seriously, try eating Paleo for 30 days . You can always go back to how you were eating before. But the energy explosion and health benefits you get from an allergy free life will make it hard to go back.

I promise.

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  1. UltraRob says:

    Great to hear your allergies have gone! I wish mine would. I haven’t tried paleo but I cut out milk years ago because I could tell a big difference with my asthma which is primarily environmental allergen triggered. I can also tell I do better when I cut back on sugar. I don’t know if it’s sugar in general or if it’s HFCS but that’s what most things are sweetened with. We’ve gone mostly gluten free at times but it didn’t seem to make a difference.

    • Julie Abel says:

      Rob, you should for sure try eating Paleo. So many athletes do great with it. I am sure that not having the sugar (artificial sugars included) and eliminating the gluten completely (which for me was causing inflammation in my face and gut) are reasons why I am reacting so well. I always knew I was allergic to dairy, but I never completely cut out cheese or yogurt- only milk. DUH. No wonder I was feeling so bad all the time. Thanks for the comment man! Blessing to you.

  2. Renee says:

    Off topic but not sure where else to ask. My husband and I did the Whole30 the same time as you and have continued eating Paleo since then. My 16 year old daughter just announced to me that she and a friend want to do a Whole 30 starting next Monday. So my question, how did your kids fare on it? What modifications, if any, did you make for them? I’ve come up with a long list of lunch ideas but would love to here any ideas you have that worked particularly well for your kids. My daughter and her friend both swim competitively and neither is overweight.

    • Julie Abel says:

      Rene- our kids did a complete Whole 30 with us with no modifications if you can believe it! Our family went through the process of the cravings and trying different food together. Our daughter who as consistently been in the 12% for weight FINALLY gained weight. I think for these girls if they are athletes it will be great for them. They will cut down the sugar spikes to for sure. The only modification we make for our kids now in their diet is cheese. We do allow them cheese in their lunch and in some meals. But that is it. They are eating pretty much everything paleo. I recommend the book Everyday Paleo by Sarah Fragoso – this book for sure is the most family friendly paleo book I have come across.


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