Paleo Breakfast Burritos

After my last post I got several questions about the sausage.

What in the world Julie do you use all of that sausage for?

Remember, thanks to Jeff’s Crazy Idea, we actually eat a hot breakfast everyday. No more cold cereal for the kids. No more bagels, toast or muffins.

Paleo breakfast burritos are one of my favorite meals to fix. Before being introduced to Ed’s Gym and eating paleo, we would make breakfast burritos on the weekends. Now we have them all the time breakfast or dinner, minus the flour tortillas


  • Jimmy Dean all natural sausage
  • Scrambled eggs
  • Salsa (How ever hot you like it- we like it hot!)
  • All natural green chili sauce warmed on the stove
  • Fresh jalapeño peppers, cut, seeded and sautéd in olive oil on the stove
  • Chulula Hot Sauce
  • If you do dairy you can put fresh grated cheese on your burrito. But I am enjoying life after dairy, so no cheese for me.

Mix it all on a plate and there you go! Paleo breakfast burritos. A hot, filling meal that will give you energy all day long.

 What’s your favorite paleo style breakfast?

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