What does a session at Ed’s Gym look like?


Some of you have asked “What does a session at Ed’s Gym look like?” So today, I’m sharing my workout schedule for this week.

Each workout begins with a warm-up period that looks something like this.


5-10 minutes of self-myofascial release
50 Criss-Cross Jumping Jacks
Band Pull Aparts 25/25
Hip-Opener 30/30 seconds
Hindu Push-Ups X8
Shoulder Slides Against Wall X12
Fire Hydrants 10/10 each leg
Hip Thrusts w/ Reach 8/8
Ankle Mobility (Knee to Wall) 15/15
Knee Pull Ups To Chest 10/10
High Kicks 10/10

After the warm up, we move into the workout for the day. Here are some examples of what we’ve been doing this week. The difficulty of each exercise is crafted to the individual’s ability.


1A – Floor Press with Kettle Bell 5X5
1B – Underhand Band Pull Aparts 5×10

2A – Push Ups 4X10
2B -Body Rows 4×12

3A – Overhead Weighted Lunges 4X8 each side
3B – Pallof Press 4X10 each side


1A – Squats with Kettle Bell – 5X10
1B – Box Jumps 5X5

2A – Hand-Over-Hand Weighted Sled Pull then Push 5X each
2B – Sledge Hammer Strikes – 5 X 6 each arm


I’m off on Wednesday – some stretching and self-myofascial release


1A – Overhead Press with Kettle Bell 5X10
1B – Face Pull with Rotation 5X10

2A – Body Rows 6X10
2B – Push-Ups 3X Maximum

3 – Kettle Bell Carries 3X 80 yards – (Left Hand, Right Hand, Both)

I’m normally at the gym on Fridays too, but not this week. I’m headed to Moab.

These are pretty typical workouts, but Ed varies things up week-to-week, finding muscles I didn’t know I had and keeping things fun – did I just say fun. Hope he isn’t reading this.

What does you current exercise routine look like? And if you don’t have one, it’s time to put the remote down, step away from the laptop, and get moving. If you’re in Colorado Springs, come join me for a free workout.

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