Back To School Paleo Style

This time of year is always challenging. On top of all the clothes shopping and supply buying, going back to school Paleo style presents it’s own unique pitfalls.

Since Jeff had his Crazy Idea and we changed our whole lives last January, one thing that has been remained constant is our dedication to eating healthier as a family.

Right now I would say we eat paleo 95% of the time. Even more this month, since Jeff is doing a 2nd Whole 30 and I am trying my best to support him.

As we approached back to school with our kids, we needed to have a plan. Here are some tips we have come up with to keep your family on track as the busy fall days begin.

1. Plan your meals, plan your meals, plan your meals. This time of year is easy to throw your hands up and say, lets get McDonald’s or pizza tonight. If you plan your meals, hopefully you’ll resist this tempation. For us this week it looked like this….

I cut up all of my veggies for a roast I was fixing in the crock pot this week. I also thawed out all of my meat for the week, and physically wrote down what we were having for dinner each evening.

2. Get the kids involved in their lunch decisions. Remember when I wrote about how lunch changed in our family? This year, both of our kids are in secondary school so this involved proactive parenting. Lets just be honest. Eating paleo is weird. It is not mainstream. Our kid’s don’t have allergies, so cheating at school is a reality. As parents we don’t sweat the small stuff. We took them to Costco, let them have say in their snacks, and had a talk before school started about how important it is to stay on the wagon. I reminded my son how bad he feels when he eats crap, and our daughter about how much better she is able to focus when she says no to sugar.

3. Start prepping for the dreaded back to school cold. The last three years my kids have gotten a cold within two weeks of school starting. The running around to band practice and lessons. The staying up late doing homework only to then get up early for school leaves their immune systems worn down. Throw that in with 900+ kids who have not been around each other and hello, you are destined to catch a cold. This year I am trying some new things. I’m adding more vitamin C to their diets. Fresh fruit and juice. We are also banning all ipod use at bed time and enforcing 8 hours of sleep. More if they seem to need it. I will tell you in a few weeks if it worked.

That is some of what our family is doing to prepare for back to school. What about you? What are some healthy choices you are making as a family for better preformance and health?




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