20 Lunch Box Ideas for Paleo Kids

A couple ¬†weeks ago I posted about how our family was preparing for back to school paleo style. Many of you messaged me about specific ideas for your kid’s lunches. Like I mentioned in the earlier post, eating paleo is weird. It is not mainstream. Convience and processed foods have taken over the school lunch, I know because I was guilty of this for years. You can check out what this looked like where I talked about how last school year how lunch changed in our family when Jeff got all crazy.

So in an effort to help some moms and dads out there looking for healthier options for your kiddo’s lunch here are 20 lunch box ideas for Paleo kids.

1. Organic raisins

2. Boiled eggs

3. Celery

4. Carrots

5. GoGo Squeez Apple Sauce

6. Mrs. May’s Trio Bars

7. Rolled deli meat (look for healthier/natural meat options)

8. Pistachio nuts

9. Bananas

10. If your allow your kids cheese (Paleo purists don’t hate) we cut up cheese squares for the kids a few days a week

11. Grapes

12. Drinks- Here is an idea- Water.

13. Larabars

14. Apples (We love Pink Ladies and Honey Crisp)

15. Trail mix

16. Salad

17. Veggie Straws

18. Cucumbers & Guac

19. Leftovers like chili or soup in a thermos

20. Paleo friendly muffins

Hope you like these ideas. Give it two weeks and it will become normal for your kids. I promise you will see the difference in their energy levels and focus when you take away all of that processed food with added sugars. We saw a huge difference in our daughter when we eliminated breads.

What would you add to the list? Please share.

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