Farmer’s Market Virgins

Friends, we are turning into hippies. Bonified Colorado Hippies. All of this eating healthy, organic food has left me wondering sometimes who the heck we have turned into since January. Jeff wasn’t the only one who has gone crazy. It has now crept into our whole family.

Just to prove it to you, our daughter turned down a box a Milk Duds at youth group last week. This shows you how far the insanity reaches. Our once little sugar addict, turned down candy. FROM CHURCH.

This month we took it to a whole new level. We went to the local farmer’s market. Don’t laugh. This is a world we had no clue about until recently. And boy were we missing out!

Since we were truly farmer’s market virgins, I need to get some advice on how to proceed. Jeff and I have a friend from our West Virginia 4-H days, Forrest Prichard, who operates an amazing farm in Berryville, Virginia called Smith Meadows Farm. I had been trolling his farm’s web site trying to understand more about natural, local options. It inspired me to check out local farms from Colorado.

Voila! I commented on Smith Meadows blog a few weeks ago about wanting to check out our own local farmer’s market in Old Colorado City, and my friend Forrest answered my comment with some great advice. You can check out the whole post here.

The advice Forrest gave us rang true! It was an eclectic venue for sure. All kinds of people. The sights and sounds were amazing.

He advised us to browse around first. To get a feel for the people and the prices. We are so glad we did this. After two weeks now of going to the local farmer’s market, we have a good idea of which farmers we like, and what seasonal items we want to purchase while we there.

Our first trip, we also ran into some friends. Who knew we would actually know people there??

It was like a big organic framer’s carnival. People were having fun, and there was great food. What took us so long to get with the program?

When all was said and done, our first week we purchased all of this fresh food for only $20. Do you believe it?

I know many of you may already be tuned into the world of the farmer’s market. But I know that Jeff and I can’t be the only farmer’s market virgins out there. So if you haven’t ventured into the land of local fruits and vegetables, get out there. Find one in your local area before the season ends, and it probably ends soon in most of the country. It is a wonderful experience and it helps local farmers.

You will be glad you took the extra time to do this.

By the way, remember in the beginning when I said we were turning into hippies? That changed when we loaded up all of our fresh produce loot in the Jeep and drove home. The Jeep cancelled out the hippie factor.

What are your favorite fresh fruits or vegtables?


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  1. Mmmmmm! I love farmers markets. Ours opens at like 7am on Saturday mornings, and they’re sold out by 8. I don’t make it often enough. I have so many favorite fruits, peaches being one of them. I love them enough that I wrote an entire blog post about the life lessons I learned from peaches. Now that is commitment.

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