Ten Things I Learned: #7 Eating Healthy Is Expensive But Worth It

I really can’t believe it has been almost a year since our family joined in on Jeff’s Crazy Idea. Some days the kids would say it seems like 20 years. Some days, not long at all.

I have learned some things that I had no idea about twelve months ago.

Like bacon and guacamole taste fantastic together. Who knew? Seriously, did you?

Guac and Bacon

But the one thing I am asked about constantly is “Doesn’t it cost a ton of money to eat well?”  The excuse I gave, and hear often when we talk about our lifestyle change is is this one:

“Our family simply can’t afford to eat that way.”

And it is true. It does cost more. But you know what I gave up by eating paleo in 2012 thanks to Ed Stedman of Ed’s Gym and my husband’s crazy idea?


I gave up 37 years of allergies.
Every day. Dripping, sneezing, wheezing and coughing. This spring when the trees bloomed and the cottonwoods pollinated..nothing. Fall ragweed season… nothing. I would have at least two days a year I would have called in sick to work due to my severe allergies. Unless you have them, you can’t even image what I’m describing. Those of you who do, know exactly what I’m talking about.

We stopped buying allergy medicine for me and tissues in 2013 and I think that may have softened the blow a bit to our wallets.

I should also mention that I haven’t had one cold all year since giving up gluten,dairy, and sugar. Not one. An amazing feat when you consider I traveled in a plane over 6 times this year.


And the kids have only been sick two times. They go to public school. Did you know most adolescents get about 7 colds a year? More if your kids are in pre-school or kindergarten. That is a ton of time going to the doctor and buying meds to treat symptoms caused by a pesky virus.

My investment in fresh food and real meat for our family has kept us out of the doctor’s office.

A win win.

So yes, it does cost more week to week. Your grocery bill will go up. You do have to plan meals. As a mother, and wife I took this as a responsiblity I had to steward my family well. Because prior to that, I was doing a pretty poor job.

Looking back at the extra money we spent this year on healthy fresh food was worth it. Because we gave up junk and we are in the process of also giving up a heritage of diet related family health issues. Biggies like heart disease, diabetes, high cholesterol and high blood pressure.

I’ll pay more out at the store every day of the week to keep those diseases at bay.

If this mama can do it. You can too. Make the investment. Eating healthy is expensive but worth it.

Do it.



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