Kicking Off 2013 – Whole 30 Style

Today we’re taking a break from the “10 Things I Learned” series to give you an update on how 2012 ended and how we are moving forward in 2013.

In 2012 we have had some highs…

Jeff & Julie Highs

And we have had some lows…

Jeff and Julie Lows

The time between Thanksgiving and Christmas was a roller coaster where our nutrition and work out schedule was concerned.

It happens.

It happened to us.

Lets just say it involved crazy work and travel schedules, cheese, beer, and a McRib sandwhich may or may not have been consumed.

But that is all in the past.

We said from the beginning that we would be honest. Share our highs and lows. The last few weeks have had some food lows.

Starting 2013 with a Whole 30

But we have set new goals and yesterday jumped head first into our second Whole 30 as a family. For those of you who are curious what this is and why would we do it, think of it like a way to reset your body.


We take 30 Days on this pretty strict plan and only eat real, nutritious food.

Food that you can feel good about.

Food that actually needs to be cooked.

We also kick things like dairy, sugar, gluten and bad foods to the curb.

For 30 Days. After the Whole 30 will continue on our regularly scheduled paleo diet.

That is how we plan to move this Crazy Idea forward in 2013.

Wanna join us?

You have nothing to loose and only your new healthy life to gain.

Stay tuned!  In a few days we are putting together a Recommendation Page full of books, blogs and resources we use for maintaining a healthy life style. On this page we will include links to The Whole 30, Paleo What and Why information, meal planning ideas and fitness.

What are your nutrition plans for 2013?

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