Ten Things I Learned: #3 Even the Lone Ranger Had Tonto

Even The Lone Ranger Had Tonto


We live in a world where making it “on your own” is rewarded, even glorified. But when it comes to making huge life changes, going it alone is hard, if not near impossible. Everyone needs support, shoot, even the Lone Ranger had Tonto.

Looking back over the past year, I can’t even begin to imagine how I would have done it alone. If I was left to face it all by myself, I’m not sure I would have stuck with it to be honest.

Family Support

Without the support of Julie and the kids I would have been nearly impossible to complete the Whole 30 or stick with a Paleo diet. They not only did it with me, but were encouraging along the way. Sure, they weren’t always excited about our limited food choices, but they never lost sight of the big picture and didn’t complain much. If you’re going to make a drastic diet change like I did, you’ve got to get those closest to you behind the vision.

Professional Support

No matter how great my intentions I know none of the past year would have happened without Ed and the gym. He put us on the Whole 30, he crafted the fitness plan and adapted it when I realized running a marathon just wasn’t a very realistic goal for me this year. He pushed me, encouraged me and held me accountable. There were many mornings the gym was the last place I wanted to be, but I knew Ed was there and expecting me. I knew He would call if I didn’t show up, asking tough questions.

Support of Friends

While there the practical support of the family and Ed were essential, the support of my friends both here in Colorado Springs and online was very important to me as well. Knowing you were watching, even from a distance was an encouragement. Your words of congratulations when I would bump into you and you would see a difference from the weight loss was amazing. And the encouraging words on the blog meant the world. That in addition to knowing that some of you decided to make changes along with us made it easier to keep going.

Having all of you behind me as I undertook this Crazy Idea made all the difference. A simple thank you doesn’t seem to be enough, but thank you for believing in me, supporting me, encouraging me and challenging me. You guys are the best!



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