Ten Things I Learned: #6 I Could Do Things I Only Dreamed About

So I already told you how Jeff’s Crazy Idea taught me in 2012 that eating healthy was expensive but worth it. But if you would have told me that getting our family on a nutritional plan would help me achieve a life long dream of hiking Pikes Peak I would have told you that you were crazy.

Summit of Pikes Peak

But I did it. I hiked that mound of dirt and rock that  I looked at for 15 years. And after climbing Pikes Peak I decided I wanted more. I hiked another 14er, Mount Bierstadt , only two weeks later. This time with the help of Jeff and our friends Bob and Bekah. I was becoming a mountain mama!


I’m hooked. I am dreaming of the next one. Colorado truly is a wonderland. I am blessed to live here with my family.

Hopefully in 2013, Lord willing I will cross off at least 5 new 14ers from the checklist.

I realized this year by getting healthy that I could do things I only dreamed about before Jeff’s Crazy Idea.

And while I did learn some other things, like I could survive with drinking coconut milk in my coffee every day instead of creamer (thanks again to Ed Stedman of Ed’s Gym), I also learned I am strong. I am determined. I am a mountain climbing machine.

The ability to climb mountains didn’t come over night. I had to work hard to get ready for it. But I learned a valuable mental and physical lesson.  I could do it. 

What will your goal for 2013 be? What do you need to do to prepare for it? Not just dream?


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