Whole 30 Lessons – Learning to Love Sweet Potatoes

Sweet Potato Hash BrownsWe are making it friends. Our family is poised and set for landing this plane on our second Whole 30. As I reflect on week three, people have been asking me: What has been different this year from last year?

The answer is simple.


I know where to shop. I know what to buy. I know what I can and can’t include in menus without majorly obsessing. I’ve had to eat out a few times Lone Ranger style for work and I’m not embarressed to play 20 questions with the waitress. I also have been blessed to help a few family friends work through their own Whole 30 transition.

Who knew our family would be nutritional mentors? EVER?

Our kids are surviving as well. While they were not over joyed at the idea of doing another Whole 30 (especially after Christmas), they are on board and reporting that they are sleeping better and have more focus at school.

Jeff and I were both talking this morning how we haven’t had major cravings like last year. Aside from a rough first couple of days for me, it has been pretty old hat.

This is because last year when we embarked on the Whole 30 it just wasn’t about 30 days. It was about a lifestyle change. Right after our Whole 30 we eased into a Paleo lifestyle and that has made all the difference.

The biggest difference this time around?

I am not dreaming about white potatoes. Don’t laugh. This is a huge step for me. I’m actually learning to love sweet potatoes.

All kinds.

I’ve really invested in learning new ways to fix them. Like with coconut oil and Italian Seasoning on the stove.

Yum. Yum.

Before, I had a hard time with the texture. Sweet potatoes just didn’t appeal to me, no matter how hard I tried last Whole 30.

I was a slave to the white nightshade.

This has been my hardest struggle with eating Paleo.

Not bad.

So this Whole 30 I’m learning to love sweet potatoes. What about you? What are you learning?




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