Signs This Mom Is Serious About Healthy Food

My kitchen has changed. Two weeks into our life-style change, I wanted to give you some visuals of how how it looks and functions now. Maybe this will inspire some other moms out there who may be holding out on making a healthy food-shift for their families due to the same reason excuse I did for so many years- convenience.

This is where my toaster once was. We used it daily to toast pop tarts or waffles for the kids to eat for a quick breakfast. This weekend I had Jeff move it out. I needed the counter space. It made a great spot for my crock pot. This is a picture of a YUMMY roast I fixed for Sunday dinner, minus the potatoes. Just pot roast, onions, celery, carrots, and peppers. [Read more...]


Whole 30 Dinner In A Crock Pot & Julie’s Introduction To The Acorn Squash

We made it through day three of the Whole 30 plan and day two of working out at Ed’s Gym. The gym is kicking my butt. And the kids are starting to feel some of the side effects of cutting all the sugar and carbs out, but are being troopers about trying new foods. We have found that their lunch for school is the most challenging meal because they can’t have anything they were taking before. Julie is being very creative and they are adjusting to no more sandwiches. Both turned down cookies from friends at lunch today – a pretty big deal for a 12 and 14 year old.

Julie is also experimenting with new foods and trying to balance the rest of everyday life with learning new ways of cooking.  Yesterday she had a board meeting in the evening and I had my work-out scheduled for 6:00, which meant neither of us would be here for dinner with the kids and grandma. She decided to try a new recipe from Sarah Fragoso that she found in her Everyday Paleo cookbook. It was a huge hit! The kids were raving about it  and our daughter actually had seconds with me when I got home. Who knew they would love acorn sqaush? They even asked if we could make it again. And who knew that you could make a Whole 30 dinner in a crock pot?

Here’s a short video of Julie as she prepped dinner for last night.

What new food have you tried recently that you didn’t even know existed before?