Whole 30 Week One Review

Julie gives you a quick review of our first week of the Whole 30 program from a mom’s perspective including how it is bringing our family together, some ups and downs, and how it is affecting her allergies.

Julie mentioned in the video that we weren’t having any major cravings — well that changed last night. After a not so successful new recipe and an evening out of the house ,we were all pretty hungry and everyone was craving their favorite foods. Driving past restaurant after restaurant on the way home was torture. I posted on Facebook and Twitter that I would kill for a cheeseburger.  After we got home, I fired up the grill, put on some burgers, sautéed some peppers and red onions and fried eggs, no cheese, no buns. It wasn’t a Five Guys burger – but it killed the cravings and kept us on the program. I understand that we may experience a few days of this type of craving – glad the whole family is in this together and encouraging each other to stay on course.

If you’re doing the Whole 30 plan along with us, we’d love for you to give an update in the comments and share how you are doing.


Whole 30 Dinner In A Crock Pot & Julie’s Introduction To The Acorn Squash

We made it through day three of the Whole 30 plan and day two of working out at Ed’s Gym. The gym is kicking my butt. And the kids are starting to feel some of the side effects of cutting all the sugar and carbs out, but are being troopers about trying new foods. We have found that their lunch for school is the most challenging meal because they can’t have anything they were taking before. Julie is being very creative and they are adjusting to no more sandwiches. Both turned down cookies from friends at lunch today – a pretty big deal for a 12 and 14 year old.

Julie is also experimenting with new foods and trying to balance the rest of everyday life with learning new ways of cooking.  Yesterday she had a board meeting in the evening and I had my work-out scheduled for 6:00, which meant neither of us would be here for dinner with the kids and grandma. She decided to try a new recipe from Sarah Fragoso that she found in her Everyday Paleo cookbook. It was a huge hit! The kids were raving about it  and our daughter actually had seconds with me when I got home. Who knew they would love acorn sqaush? They even asked if we could make it again. And who knew that you could make a Whole 30 dinner in a crock pot?

Here’s a short video of Julie as she prepped dinner for last night.

What new food have you tried recently that you didn’t even know existed before?


Whole 30 Shopping trip with Ed’s Gym

After cleaning out the kitchen on Friday, a trip for some groceries was needed. On Saturday we met Ed at Whole Foods to learn more about what we can eat on the Whole 30 program and to do some shopping. Here’s a peek at our trip.

Ed was a great teacher and we came home with foods we didn’t know existed. We’re excited to finally be started on the adventure.

Here’s a link to the Well Fed cookbook that Ed mentioned. (The recipes are good, but the pages are coming out of the cookbook already). [Read more...]


Whole 30 Kitchen Clean Out

On Friday Ed from Ed’s Gym and his family came over and we cleaned out our kitchen in preparation for our Whole 30 plan and the kick-off of this crazy idea.  Here’s some video highlights as we empty out the pantry, refrigerator, freezer and cabinets.

Here’s a time lapse video of the whole process in under 2 minutes.

Yesterday we went shopping with Ed to re-stock the pantry and refrigerator and should have a new post up tomorrow.

We’re excited to finally be getting started and we’ve moved the Whole 30 plan start date up to today and the fitness training will start on Monday, 9th.  Thanks for stopping by to check out the blog, we’re excited to have you join us as we make this huge lifestyle change and begin our journey to health.

What would be the hardest thing for you to clean out of your pantry?