Ten Things I Learned: #4 – Travel And A Healthy Routine



On The Road Again

This year we did more travelling than we ever have. Rocky Mountain Media Group trips took us to Seattle, Oregon, Nashville, Pittsburgh and Steamboat Springs. Those coupled with family trips presented challenges to keeping a healthy routine.

Eating On The Road

When you are used to eating all natural, gluten free, paleo meals, travel can get tricky. Being prepared and planning ahead is the key. Do some research on the area you are visiting to find out what restaurants offer options that fit with your plan. And plan to take some snacks with you. When I travel, fresh fruit and nuts are always handy in my bag. Sometimes you will find yourself in situations where there aren’t good options. But again, planning ahead can help. One meal off plan won’t do much damage, but when that one leads to two than five it can. Make the best of the situation and don’t let it de-rail the work you have put in. [Read more...]


On The Road Post Whole 30

We finished up our Whole 30 last Monday and on Wednesday Julie and I had a trip to Seattle for a full day training we were giving for a group of non-profit leaders in the Northwest. We knew it would be a bit of a challenge to keep to our post Whole 30 diet and we packed some snacks to help us out. In our planning, we decided to stick to our diet for the most part, but that after the training we would allow ourselves to have something we hadn’t had for a while.

We had some time after we landed in Seattle before we could check into our hotel so we hopped in the car and headed downtown. We were trying to find a Whole Foods, but the maps app on our iPhone took us to two wrong locations. So we gave up and headed towards the Pike Place Market area. We looked for a restaurant that would be fairly friendly to our diet, but since I don’t like seafood, we didn’t have a lot of luck. We settled on the Hard Rock Cafe – not the first thought you have for healthy food. We both ordered a burger with no bun or cheese and a salad. I’m sure there were some things in there not on our Whole 30 plan, but we finished that on Monday, so we did our best given the circumstances and our level of hunger. [Read more...]